About Us

Eipix Entertainment is a video-game development company founded in 2005. The company entered the gaming industry as an indie company, working on several projects of varying scope, most notably Pyroblazer and Ziro. After several years in the outsourcing business, in 2011 Eipix has been rebranded, shifting its focus back to developing its own games.

Under the new slogan – Creating Worlds – the company has entered the casual games market, developing mainly hidden object puzzle adventure and free-to-play games for its exclusive publishing partner Big Fish Games. Currently with over 300 employees, Eipix is continuing its expansion, reaching towards its declared goal of becoming one of the global leaders in the entertainment industry.

A specific part of Eipix is Xtruist Audio – a company dedicated to providing music and sound for all media, but most notably video games. Team consists of experienced composers, sound designers, mix engineers, programmers etc. and features a high quality in house surround studio. More information is available at Xtruist Audio official web site.