As a mastermind behind the textual content of our games, it will be your task to write and maintain all the text incorporated in our HOPA games and text-based adventures.

Your main tasks will be to create all the narrative elements of the game including the concept proposal, backstories, dialogues, and notes, to manage the voice-over documents, as well as the stories for our text-based adventure games. You will participate in brainstorming sessions within your designated team. You will also work closely with game designers, producers and other members of the development team during the game’s production, manage tasks and deadlines. You will get familiar with the programs necessary for your work and building the game. Last but not least, you will provide and receive constructive critique, give suggestions and solutions for improvement, keep up with industry trends, and along with us, take them to a higher level.

Required Skills

  • Strong written and verbal communications and presentation skills
  • Fluent in speaking and writing in English language
  • Familiarity with basic writing structures and forms
  • Excellent creative and analytical skills
  • Excellent documentation and organizational skills
  • Familiarity with HOPA game genre, F2P games and text-based adventure games
  • Proven ability to write on demand and in various styles
  • Willingness to adapt and iterate content
  • Strong and diverse knowledge of popular culture
  • Passion for making and playing games
  • Attention to the finest details
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office package
  • Orientation towards team-work and collaboration
  • Working under pressure, meeting deadlines

Extra Skills

  • Previous experience in a similar position
  • Background in writing and/or English language and literature
  • Passion for books, comics, movies and video games


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  • Continuous learning
  • Creative and positive work environment
  • Pet friendly work place
  • EipixCON
  • Team building activities
  • Road trips and visits to other Eipix branch offices

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