As part of the Tools and Pipeline team, you will help production move forward faster and with more agility.

You will be tasked with building necessary tools, establishing processes and automating and adjusting the workflow on various game projects in the company. You will employ your knowledge of 2D and 3D digital content creation applications, programming, and problem-solving skills to maintain, manage, build, and support the pipeline, while providing artists with technical support in their daily endeavors.

Required Skills

  • Advanced knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Solid understanding and experience with at least one DCC application, such as Maya, 3DSMax, Houdini, or Blender
  • Good understanding of the best practices in programming
  • Integrating with server-side APIs and web services
  • Experience working with third-party APIs
  • Ability to rapidly jump into new code bases
  • Excellent debugging skills
  • Experience with version control
  • Orientation towards team-work and collaboration

Extra Skills

  • Previous experience in the game development industry
  • Experience with popular game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine, Cocos 2D-X)
  • Experience with image and video encoding/decoding
  • Sufficient knowledge of English language
  • Experience with PyQt or PySide toolkits


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NOTE: Please send examples of your work along with your application.


  • Continuous learning
  • Team building activities
  • Pet friendly company
  • Creative work environment
  • EipixCON
  • Teamwork
  • Road trips and visits to other Eipix branch offices

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