Death Is The Final Seductress.

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March 23, 2017


  • English
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Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector’s Edition in words

Authorities are stunned to discover that the citizens of the secluded Scottish town of Dreadmond aged fifty years in the span of a day. All the roads to town are closed due to the fear of the condition spreading like infection. Master Detective is sent by the Royal Agency to investigate the town and uncover the root of this crisis.

Some unearthly threat seems to have taken hold of the misty moor that surrounds the rustic town, and stopping it from spreading across the land like a black veil will prove to be an effort befit of a legendary hero.

  • Soundtracks, wallpapers and concept art
  • Delve into the history of Dreadmond and its secrets
  • Play the bonus chapter to discover the origin of the villain
  • Old-school Case File
  • Morphing objects
  • Collect the puzzle pieces to unlock the secret wallpaper
  • Collect all the trophies throughout the game
  • Win twenty achievements
  • Integrated strategy guide


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