Eat Your Way to Victory!

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October 04, 2016


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Nom Nom in words

Tap your way through yummy and colorful candy, eating with your mouth wide open, not missing a single sweet piece within the time limit. With a variety of cute and cuddly animals to choose from, Nom Nom is a fun, simple, and relaxing game the whole family can enjoy. When you think you’ve reached the highest score, just play it again.

Eating candy like your life depends on it – is… that… heaven? Or is it just the most awesome game you will ever play? It’s now time to fulfill your dreams, satisfy your sweet tooth and eat as much as you can!

Now please, excuse us while we nom, nom, nom…

  • Simple controls
  • Awesome graphics
  • Variety of cute characters
  • Endless game
  • Super power-ups
  • Addictive gameplay


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