The Underground Rises Again

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December 31, 2016


  • English
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Vermillion Watch: Fleshbound Collector’s Edition in words

Crime never sleeps, and neither does the Vermillion Watch! Just a day after you put Irene Adler behind bars, another criminal commits a robbery and the chase is on. Soon, what seemed like a relatively straightforward case reveals a tangled web of villains with horrifying intentions.

But a member of the Watch is never alone. Phileas Fogg and Rufus await your return, ready to lend a hand, and you might get the chance to revisit some familiar faces from your last mission. You will need all the help you can get as you pry ever deeper into the terrible plot looming over London.

  • Soundtracks, wallpapers and concept art
  • Morphing objects
  • Achievements and collectibles
  • Integrated strategy guide
  • Uncover the sinister secrets of the Necropolis in the bonus chapter!


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