Sound the alarm! We have just released our third ever self-published free-to-play game!

Spiny Core is the newest addition to the ranks of Eipix Entertainment’s independently published games. The one-tap arcade genre has all the addictive qualities necessary to compete on the free-to-play market, and we’re sure it will keep you engaged for a large part of your game time. This geometrically-inclined sci-fi action arcade will have you hooked from the first tap! It is currently available on the iTunes app store, and our mobile teams are already working on Android and Windows Phone versions.

Spiny Core is an addictive arcade with high replay value. The simple controls are backed with a simple plot – it is your duty to protect the core from invading triangles and squares. Repel the ever-increasing enemy horde by rotating the bright barriers that encircle your core. Don’t worry if your barriers start to crumble, you can still save the day by collecting barrier boosts and colorful orbs to gain an edge over your polygonal adversaries, recharge, and rebuild.

The longer you last, the higher the difficulty, and the faster you will have to swipe! Engage in this minimalist battlefield with players around the world and protect both the core and your position on the global leaderboards.

We will be maintaining a busy schedule for all of our free-to-play releases throughout 2017 as well, so make sure you keep an eye out for Eipix on the app store! Every player counts, so if you enjoy our games, make sure you tell all your friends about them! Repelling the oncoming invaders is not a one-man job, and it will take all of us to ensure the safety and prosperity of the Mother-core! We’re counting on you.